Mission & Vision
The firm pays homage to Late Mr. Nirmal Basu with whose vision & values, this firm was formed. He had vast experience in the construction industry and have seen construction from both the Contractor and Consultant's perspective. During his 44 years of experience in construction he saw the scope of everlasting innovation for cost effectiveness without compromising on Quality, Safety & Time. He visualised that managing processes would one day be as important as managing construction
MISSION: To act as a virtual office for clients with Techno-Secretarial human resources for performing the laborious work involved to generate formatted Outputs in form of facts, figures, reports, presentations, etc
VISION: During the course of service to clients, the firm becomes more familiar with the methods and procedures of the client. On development of mutual trust and synergy more areas of business process can be outsourced. It will slowly pave the way for full fledged back office of the client in our office.