Nirmal K Basu (1935 - 2006)

An outstanding Executive presenting an impeccable portfolio of qualification earned during the course of 44 years of progressive responsibility and achievement in the field of Construction and Project Management. Formulated and instituted profitable business plans addressing construction methods and project management for an UK based company in India for 30 years Designed and marketed plans for construction, supervision and project management for a multinational consulting engineering firm based in India.

Graduate in Civil engineer and held memberships in various Institutions / Societies including Institute of Civil, UK & Institute of Structural Engineers, UK. Winner of "Andrews Prize" , A.E. Wynn Prize and "BCSA Prize"
Formerly director of Trafalgar House Construction India Ltd (presently Skanska Cementation) before being director M.N. Dastur & Co, a consulting firm. In initial years he was in UK and worked there for 4 years with Firth Cleveland Reinforcements Ltd., Tracey, Brunstrom and Dudley Ltd., etc.