Is this service some form consultancy?
No, it does not advice but is a service provider like your staff. It works based on your procedures and methods. Think about a Unit with a office space, office establishment, Technical, Administrative & Secretarial staff…??
What is Outsourcing?
It is the use of outside business relationships to perform necessary business activities and processes in lieu of internal capabilities.
We do not outsource?
Think about hiring manpower who are allowed to work from home ; do not need space to sit at your office; on no work no pay basis; who does not want vacation; no privileges; uses his own computer, printer & stationeries…??
Right now our resources are adequate so no need to outsource?
You can divert you resources to core areas and outsource the non-core areas. Outsourcing is good in bad times as it reduces cost and also good in good times as it helps you to focus in core areas.
How to identify the areas to be outsourced?
You can identify yourselves. We can also help you identify them based on your procedures & methods.
How the service could be rendered without onsite presence?
Just think about Quantity Estimate. With drawings/working documents transmitted, estimate can be done from anywhere. Say for Procurement, preparation of enquiries, tabulation of quotation, preparation of orders, etc can be done offsite.
How to ensure security of information?
Based on mutual trust which develops slowly starting from least secured area. Security problem may also exist with your staff who resigns and join a rival. At least here, you'll have a business agency who thrive on Goodwill.
How to ensure quality & timely delivery of services?
Goodwill is only the insurer. Initially some sample projects may be given to judge the quality & speed.
How is this service charged?
Basis of rates is man-hr which can be decided on negotiation. Charges can be fixed project wise, monthwise, jobwise.
How this service cost beneficial?
Think about your cost of a Unit with a office space, office establishment, Technical, Administrative & Secretarial staff. ...... all bundled into our service charge.
Who are the other customers that have availed this service?
Customers are mostly in UK, USA & UAE. For details contact us. The Service is also been used in-house for the subsidiary construction company.
What is the mode of transfer of data?
Email is the most common mode. Incase of large file transfer various websites are there to facilitate such transfer. Incase longterm relations specific ftp sites can be launched. Occasional interaction may be needed for good undertsanding.
Already have office in Asia so do not require the service?
It would be still beneficial as you do not have to take care of the administrative & HR problems. Moreover incase of lean period you will have the liberty to cut down man-hrs.