We need to give as much attention to managing processes as we have in the past to managing products"

"Outsourcing grows in bad times because companies want to cut costs, and it grows in good times because companies want to focus on growth"
Companies worldwide are thriving on outsourcing their activities and India has emerged as a world leader in supporting these outsourced activities because of skilled and efficient manpower. It is the use of outside business relationships to perform necessary business activities and processes in lieu of internal capabilities, With the availability of software tools, it was easy to port large data sets between dispersed information systems. This has helped the flow of data and information between geographically dispersed branches

Knowledge Process outsourcing in Medical transcription, Insurance, Customer Care, Billing, database marketing, Accounting, Tax processing, etc is already popular with volumes increasing in leaps and bounds.

The construction industry in general have been skeptical in outsourcing the management processes. The main reasons were the apprehensions that construction management is not possible without onsite presence, lack of prior outsourcing experience; provider not meeting the company's expectations, etc.. However with this problem been solved in many industries and once it is believed that Consultancy/Subcontracting is not the same as Outsourcing, days will not be far when outsourcing will be popular in construction industry. For example Quantity survey, BQ production, Measurements, shop drawings, etc are already being outsourced.