Niladri Kumar Basu

Born in 1968, Niladri is a post graduate Structural engineer by education but a construction manager by profession. He holds membership in various technical committees and associations with various seminars, workshops, lectures in The Institution of Engineers.

After initial years of service in various construction sites, In 1995 he co-founded M/s PKG Construction Pvt. Ltd. to execute building, industrial & infrastructural projects. The company is now doing well and executing various projects all over India. The company now boast of having good credentials with it's client who are offering repeated contracts. Niladri has been instrumental in developing well groomed management system within the company to take care of the day to day activities.
Niladri's dynamism prevented him from just sitting pretty over a successful run construction company. Eager to diversify and with passion for construction management, Niladri formed this firm Enkebee Construction Solutions.
Niladri overlooks entire operation of Enkebee with special interest in Quantity Estimate & Project Management