Equipment Associates Expertise
The Company believes
that a loyal, disciplined, trained and experienced employee base is essential for construction.
consistently practised good HR values
that construction industry cannot function without cooperation between the different people involved in the process. It is really a people industry, and people are its biggest asset. 
The Company take pride on the
Quality and diversity of our managerial, technical and support staff and on the capabilities of our specialist and multi-skilled operatives.
Prevailing conducive work-environment, the average continuance of service of senior employees is more than 15 years. This helps create an excellent feeling of ownership & loyalty.
Total strength: 250 (excluding temporary & contract personnel) comprising 78% technical and 22% non-technical personnel
The company nurtures participation in decision making & emotional bonding at all levels:
Management Review meeting
Annual Picnic & Viswakarma Puja with families
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